The following images are samples of OkuuPin's past work.

Corn Maiden 8 Polyplate litho
"Caramel Macchiato Dreams”
"Corn Maiden #1”
Corn Maiden #2
Corn Maiden #4
Corn Maidens #15
Tewa Tales of Suspense #5 - 'Behold...Po'Pay!'
Tewa Tales of Suspense #6
Butterfly maiden pot (view one)
Butterfly maiden pot (view two)
"Pizza Hut Dreams"
"Hello Kitty"
Pueblo Legoland
GTA Corn Dancer
CornMaiden #28 Wisconsin Badger Maiden
Corn Maiden #27 Iowa Hawkeye Maiden
Pueblo Runner Pot
Four Seasons pot--"Spring and Summer"
Four Seasons pot--Autumn and Winter

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"Pokemon Dreams"

4 1/2" wide x 5" high, Hand built native clay tile, painted with native clay slips and native fired.